Our process

Our Turnkey Process

Here at RentalVest we carefully select all properties for sale to insure our clients only get the best investment properties available for the best possible price. Once we determine a property meets our strict criteria, we will then purchase the property and do a full renovation.

Our team replaces every item that needs replacing , which reduces long term expenses for our clients. Our goal is sell properties with little to no deferred maintenance so problems do not come up in the future.

Our process

After the renovation phase is complete, we then carefully screen and select a tenant for the property. All of our tenants are put through our rigorous selection criteria which includes backround checks, credit checks and income verification. Our goal is to have a solid tenant that will pay on time and stay in the property for many years to come.

The end result in the process is we produce a solid Turn-Key Investment property for our client. The client receives a fully renovated , cash flowing investment property below market value and producing above market returns.