Introducing our newest real estate fund. Our goal is to acquire, renovate & rent workforce housing throughout the South & Midwest

We are experts at acquiring, renovating and stabilizing residential investment properties .We are seeking accredited investors to join us on our journey to build a nationwide affordable housing portfolio .   


Location : Wisconsin ,Ohio, Florida , Missouri

Property Type: Residential 1-4 unit properties

Deal Type: Multi property package and individual acquisitions  

Current Projects and Acquisitions


florida build 2 rent.jpg

We are building 24 new construction rental homes in Ocala, FL. Florida saw the biggest influx of domestic migrators, 132,602, in the last year. Population Growth is over 1.5 percent, and the current estimated population of Florida in 2019 is 21.64 million. We believe there is a HUGE opportunity to build brand new cash flowing assets with little to no deferred maintenance . 


5160 N 40th Front.jpg

We have a contract to purchase 25 scattered residential properties . The properties are mixture of 1-4 unit properties with an annual gross rental income of $306,000. We are purchasing these properties in distressed conditions and plan on doing completion renovations, increasing monthly rent while lowering expenses.

If you would like to learn more information our on offering , please call us at 877-236-0098 or email us at




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